Meryl Streep on PBS

 I am really looking forward to seeing the program about Meryl Streep’s ancestry on PBS later this month. With all of the resources at their disposal, will they reveal more of Meryl’s children’s illustrious ancestral heritage than the Family Forest® National Treasure Edition?

Will their 30-generation ancestor view of Meryl fill in more than 14,304 boxes with the names of people who, according to recorded history, her children would call grandmother or grandfather (preceded by some number of “greats”)? 

Will the program take her back to one of her ancestors that Katharine Hepburn portrayed

Will the program be able to connect her through family ties to one of her idols she did a TCM tribute to, Bette Davis?

Will the program be able to connect her through family ties to ancestors she shares with Julia Child, one of Meryl’s distant cousins she recently portrayed in Julie and Julia

Will the program be able to show any of her generation-by-generation pathways leading to the Emperor’s Palace in 320 A.D. Rome

As Jimmy Buffett so sagely says on Banana Wind, only time will tell.


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5 responses to “Meryl Streep on PBS

  1. Tom

    As a new grandfather with a line of my family’s ancestry connected in the Family Forest National Treasure Edition release, I suggest the true state of comprehension of your monumental work now lies beyond the grasp of anyone who does not have access to it on their home computer. I would hope the producers of future family history TV documentaries would spend the paltry $89.00 to license a copy and use it to provide the world a true panoramic look into the fascinating, never before known (or knowable) information your Family Forest is brimming with.
    What you offer, in my view, proves much better than questionable and pricy DNA tests precisely how connected we all are. Keep up the great work!

  2. Before the oscars tonight check out the
    Ancestors-at-a-glance fan charts to see who’s who!


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