Johnny Depp’s Famous Relatives

Two suspicious articles just appeared about Johnny Depp and Queen Elizabeth II being very distantly related.

One article calls them “cousins, 20 times removed.” This seems very unlikey, because to become any degree of cousins 20 times removed of anyone living at the same time requires the closest ancestral connection between the two to be at least thousands of years ago.

They are also called 20th cousins by “relying upon an unreported but widely known marriage in the 1600s” in another article. It is impossible to become 20th cousins of anyone within that relatively short time span.

The Family Forest® has not yet found a reliable connection between the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star and the current British monarcy, but a Family Forest® kinship report last night for Johnny Depp did find some of his much closer famous relatives.

They are Major Reno of the Battle of the Little Big Horn fame (3C4R), current US Senators Mark Udall and Tom Udall (both 6C1R), Grammy award winning singer Taylor Swift (7C1R), actress and famous World War II pin-up girl Bettly Grable (9C1R), ‘Superman’ actor Christopher Reeve (10C), and TV newsman Anderson Cooper (10C).

These relationships are summaries representing the fully-sourced generation-by-generation family ties between Johnny Depp and each of these people in the Family Forest®.

The Family Forest Project® is Networking Family History with Hollywood™.


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2 responses to “Johnny Depp’s Famous Relatives

  1. Johnny Buddy

    20 generations is about 600 years, NOT “thousands of years” . Do a little more genealogical research before trying to comment on any fact.

  2. Thank you for responding, but I believe I am correct and that you have misread what was said.

    The word removed has a specific meaning when describing a cousin relationship. In the case of 20 times removed, it means that it takes 20 extra steps up the ancestral ladder for one cousin to reach the common ancestor he or she shares with the other cousin.

    Dick Eastamn has a nice chart and explanation of these cousins relationships at:

    I have seen plenty of 20th cousin relationships (which actually requires more than 20 generations), but have never seen a cousin relationship of any degree that is 20 times removed between living people.

    While being a 20th cousin can happen in 600 years, I still believe that to be a __ cousin 20 times removed, if it actually happens, would require at least 2,000 years.

    Bruce Harrison
    President and CEO, Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc.
    Co-Founder of the Family Forest® Project
    A People-Centered Approach To History®

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