New Portal Into Genealogical Entertainment

Many thanks to our friend Tom Nocera who has just created a fun resource that we would like to share with you.

It is a visual window into a decade and a half of short stories about surprising genealogical connections from the Family Forest® into probably some of your favorite Hollywood movies.

Just click on and then click on whichever movies catch your attention.

Please follow some of the links within the stories, as they are often illuminating enhancements.



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2 responses to “New Portal Into Genealogical Entertainment

  1. Tom

    This website can be and I am sure will be expanded upon as the Family Forest is mined for its precious genealogical gems in the years ahead. The Family Forest’s time has come. Move over, you have just been lapped as the future of genealogy has arrived. And the effort has been more than just “monumental” as Dick Eastman so accurately recognized and proclaimed it to be so many years ago.
    I am thrilled to have shared the long, arduous, sometimes frustrating journey for the last dozen or so years of its development.
    When the whole story of the Family Forest Project is told it will be just as inspiring to future generations of American entrepreneurs as that of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison or Henry Ford – all of whom – thanks to the brilliantly creative and painstaking labor of Bruce and Kristine Harrison I can also call cousins.
    It has been a labor of family love for all of us – and is only a pencil sketch of what will follow.
    As Bruce told me long ago, “History often pivots on the smallest of details.”
    Those kind of small and now academically documented details and much fascination await. Go discover. Have fun. Connect.

  2. Clay Tanner II

    Wow! It’s awesome what you all have done.

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